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Archer Acton

Twenty Years as an Energetic Practitioner

Welcome! I’m Archer and I am an energetic practitioner.

I’ve created ActOn Energetics with the goal of helping individuals restore energetic balance in their lives using powerful proven energetic techniques.

Browse this website and see the ways you can benefit from an energetic session. Whether you would like to improve physically, emotionally, or spiritually you have come to the right place.It’s easy to get started too! It all begins with a free 15 minute phone consultation which you can schedule from this page.

What is ActOn Energetics

ActOn Energetics uses focused subtle energies to assist in making major changes – major shifts – in the experience of well-being of its clients.

These shifts can be a combination of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental changes.

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The godforce Process Free Download

ActOn Energetics has published “the godforce process revealed” video at multiple video sites. You can watch the video and learn the basic process for your personal use. I encourage you to download the video from Odysee.com here: https://odysee.com/@ComingThroughInWaves:5/ProcessRevealed:3?r=Qymq9Vk2SgZKWnkCcSYTgH6ZeDc6V2jq

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The Energetic Processes

The Theta Process is the gold standard for making changes quickly in your highest and best good. Fast and effective.

Works well on physical issues like pain or inflammation and for nipping budding problems like a sore throat or a runny nose.


Energetic Gene Repair is believably awesome! Fabulous results are reported by recipients of this unique process.

Start embracing the possible as you realize how many issues can be addressed through Energetic Gene Repair. 


The EIP process gets to the very root of core issues that effect us on a physical, emotional, and/or spiritual level.

E.I.P is short for Energy Interference Patterning.

Explore an issue deeply during this process and discover something new or see something old that you have been holding onto in a new light.

Also  a long process which takes an hour or two to complete. This one heavily steeped in Chinese Five Element Theory.


AKA The Numbers Process.

This process works across multiple levels and dimensions. Includes past lives, the physical, psychic, spiritual planes, beliefs, Chinese five element theory, Karma and more. It does take an hour or two to complete but it’s well worth it as it encompasses so much.


Kitchen Sink. All 4 processes (godforce, Gene, E.I.P, and Dimensional,)  concentrating on a single issue and scheduled over multiple days.

Valued at $536 for only $396! That’s more than 25% off the regular price!

Start by scheduling a free consultation so we can discuss the best scheduling details.


A great way to start is with a free 15 minute phone consultation!

Easily schedule using the “Free Consultation” calendar below.

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